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We have now all entered into the time of the Great Pandemic. A time of profound change.

How the stars did gave fair warning

The great coincidence

All coming together in this our most turbulent time

I don’t know if anyone noticed

But a few of you may have missed this tiny, tiny little story

Buried in the back pages

The the U.S. Navy admitted we recognize that these objects that we have been unable to indentify

Seems to have a level of technology far beyond our capacity

We are releasing our official

Relunctantly video footage

From various naval aircraft

And state of the art radar

We have evidence of….alien technology on and near our planet


The headline of the day

Day after day

Our dancing clown

Mr Presidente


Is always built upon this foundation

The ability

To appear, speak and act

As the most



Whereas pain is a physical experience….suffering is a mental one.

Suffering is caused by the notion that things should be different then what they are.

The antidote to suffering… acceptance.

How I healed from Chronic Lyme Disease

First and most importantly I am not a doctor. I am going to talk about how I healed from Chronic Lyme Disease. Whether my method of healing from Lyme disease would work for you or not I can’t say.

I was sick…

When our cell phone is depleted of energy, we know exactly what to do to make it right. But do we know what to do when our own energy is depleted? Rest, sleep, wholesome food can help us to rejuvenate. But our ancient ancestors were aware of other more…


Published writer, meditator, counselor, mystic, trained by two monks, retired chaplain

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