Dark Energy

Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.

Photo by Anastasia Zhenina on Unsplash

Albert Einstein

I am not a scientist. But I am a long time meditator. The world I explore is the world of the unconscious. I have been at this for 47 years. As far as I have been able to determine the unconscious is infinite and eternal. No matter how deep I go there I have never plumed the bottom. Long before the world first heard the name Albert Einstein he was a young dreamer. Locked in a dead end job at a patent office in Switzerland, he had plenty of time to conduct his experiments with objects moving at the speed of light. He did not have a high tech lab, the support of a university or a rich government grant. His experiments with objects moving at the speed of light were conducted in his dreams. (You can look it up).

Today the greatest problem of modern physics is trying to find and measure dark energy. Despite the investment of billions of dollars no scientist has been able to find dark energy. Scientist have been able to determine that 68% of the energy in the universe is dark energy. This is not energy that is dark in color, but undetectable using modern scientific equipment, hence it is dark to science.

They have gone deep into abandoned mine shafts and set up a vast array of expensive equipment to try to detect this “dark energy” but have been unable to detect it.

As I was watching a YouTube video on this topic it suddenly struck me. If 68% of the energy in the universe is “dark” unseen by scientist…then why do you have to sit in the bottom of a mine shaft to detect it. It is right here in my room as I look at the computer.

I know this because I use “dark energy” all the time. I use it on a daily basis. I have learned how to accumulate it, store it, and share it with others. It is dark to science because they insist on using equipment that helps them detect already known forms of energy, and there is an insistence that this is the only way it can be detected…..which is exactly why it can’t be detected. It can’t be detected in this way because it is non-material energy.

The irony is that in a matter of 20 minutes I can teach someone how to sense this “invisible” energy. Yet despite the fact that I have learned to gather, store and share this energy…and can manipulate it fairly well (although I am not a master at it) I would never in a million years be able to convince a scientist that it is real. I can teach them to feel it…..but they won’t be able to measure it using their existing equipment…so, unfortunately it won’t be deemed as real.

The person who was instrumental in teaching me about this invisible energy was a true master in its use. In fact, back in 1972 at the Menniger Foundation in Topeka Kansas, my teacher demonstrated his mastery of “dark energy” in a modern scientific lab…which was duly documented…then filed away. The conservative board of the Menniger Foundation found my teachers ability to use and manipulate invisible energy unsettling and the board refused to publish their own lab results. The lab results were locked away and have yet to be published. Unfortunately modern science tends to be as stuck as medieval theologians when it comes to established dogma.

The lab test that stirred such controversy was an experiment where my teacher was able to move a stainless steel needle on a pivot…using only invisible energy. Each time the experiment was done the scientist said the test was flawed and had to be redone. Adjustments were made and the test was repeated…with the same result. My teacher was able to move the needle using only invisible energy. The scientist cried foul again…adjustments were made and the test repeated…with the same results. In the end the scientist stormed out claiming that my teacher was “destroying science”. Then the board voted to conceal the test results which has been locked in a safe for 48 years.

I guess this was the first example of “fake news”.

My teacher died in 1993 of cancer…and unfortunately I do not have the skills or ability that he had.

I am not a scientist so I know have zero credibility. One day, I hope to be able to rescue all those men and women stuck in that abandoned mine shaft by showing an open minded scientist how to detect this invisible energy. Then all those hard working men and women can go home and do something more useful with their lives.

Dark energy is not in fact dark…it’s just invisible to people with closed minds.

Published writer, meditator, counselor, mystic, trained by two monks, retired chaplain