When our cell phone is depleted of energy, we know exactly what to do to make it right. But do we know what to do when our own energy is depleted? Rest, sleep, wholesome food can help us to rejuvenate. But our ancient ancestors were aware of other more subtle ways to increase our own life force. To a large extent we have forsaken the ancient technology for the latest electronic device, we have forsaken wholesome food for sugar and caffeine highs, we have sacrificed sleep or can only sleep using medications, and we do not give ourselves enough time to rest. Our society and especially our economy is based on production. Older workers are laid off in favor of younger, faster and cheaper workers. Our culture is focused on a attitude of selfishness. What do I get out of this?, is the modern mantra.

The ancient ones were highly aware of “the energy body”. All life forms have a bioenergy field without that life force there would be no life, but surprisingly very little attention, as least in western medicine is paid to this energy field. As an energy healer and as a meditator I have become aware that, often, a coming illness can be sensed at first as a disturbance in the energy field…which eventually manifests in the body, mind or emotional body.

Western medicine’s main focus has been on dealing with cancer once it becomes life threatening, with little focus on prevention and no focus on the energetic disturbance that eventually, creates the physical ailment. In fact there is not even an acknowledgement that such a thing as the energy body exists.

One day, when medicine discovers the energy body a lot of the medicine that is now practice will be seen as crude, and in some ways even barbaric.

Published writer, meditator, counselor, mystic, trained by two monks, retired chaplain