How I Healed from Chronic Lyme’s Disease

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How I healed from Chronic Lyme Disease

First and most importantly I am not a doctor. I am going to talk about how I healed from Chronic Lyme Disease. Whether my method of healing from Lyme disease would work for you or not I can’t say.

I was sick with Lyme disease for four years. My illness was verified by a medical doctor. I had the tick bite the bullseye rash and the symptoms of Lyme disease and later Chronic Lyme. The doxycycline did not work for me. Either the dose was too small or I made an error in taking it. I was doxycycline for 6 weeks then when I relapse I was on for another six weeks.

I spent two years trying acupuncture, Reiki, and homeopathy, none of which were effective in healing me although they gave me comfort.

This is what worked for me and this is what my doctor recommended.

I immediately stopped eating anything with sugar, honey or corn syrup in it.

This meant no sweet deserts, no ice cream, no chocolate.

Alcohol contains sugar and was off my list ( I did not drink anyhow).

No pasta.

No fruit juice.

Limited raw fruit.

No caffeine

My diet consisted of meat and vegetables.

I was on this diet for two years before I healed from Chronic Lyme.

Without the diet changes the herbs would be rendered ineffective. Sugar is a great food for Lyme to flourish. It loves sugary foods. If you take herbs to inhibit the Lyme and eat sugar to enhance the Lyme you might as well not bother with the program. (That is my personal experience). Whenever I relapsed and ate something with sugar in it I was dreadfully sick for a week afterwards.

The herb shop I brought my herbs from is called Nutramedix. It is located in Florida (U.S.A.).

I will leave a link to their web site in the video description.

The treatment protocal is technically called the Cowden protocol. I was developed by a research doctor at the University of Texas after he spend some time in Peru and came to know the herbs there.

The instructions for taking the herbs are somewhat complex. The Nutramedix site has complete instructions.

One thing to be cautious about is to be careful not to over order. Nutramedix sells packages of herbs that seem to cover all possible variations on Lyme. This is where some discernment comes into play. It is important to maintain and acute awareness of what your condition is and tailor the Nutramedix herbs to your individual condition. When I first began taking these herbs the instructions were much more limite and the herbal selections was also limited. I did fine with the more limited number of herbs….but if you go this route you will need to discern what helps and what does not.

It is important to follow their instructions as to slowly ramping up the dosage. If you go at it too aggressive you can have a healing crisis…where the toxins are released too rapidly and you can feel pretty sick. It is also important to vary what you take. In order to eliminate the infection/parasite you need to alternate what you are using in order to outwit the infection/parasite.

After two years of using the herbs I hit a plateau and just by coincidence I had a mild ear infection at the end of the two years and took ordinary penicillin for my ear infection. That seemed to finish off what was remaining of the Lyme infection/parasite….but a last dose of penicillin was not part of the protocol.

The protocol is called the Cowden protocol and there is more information on it at Nutramedix.

I have no financial interest in Nutramedix.

I used to speak at Lyme disease support groups but gave up on that after some time. Because I am not a medical doctor my experience was discounted. People became very angry about the ban on sugar and alcohol, some even stormed out of the room.

As a culture we have come to expect that we won’t be asked to make any lifestyle changes to get well….and we expect that we will get a pill that will make things right.

Unfortunately Lyme does not care about our expectations. If drinking and desert is more important than your health then this approach will not be for you.

There is another aspect of Lyme that also needs to be addressed and that is stress.

If you have Chronic Lyme you know already that your energy is easily depleted. Some can only go to work and come home to collapse. I was not that lucky. I was too sick to work and could barely care for myself.

My strength was that I had committed to meditate each and every day. This helped me to conserve energy and destress my body.

I feel that meditation helped me to cope when I was sick and speeded my recovery once I found a system that worked. I think it also helped me to recover my memory and mental clarity.

Since I was a research project of one I have no proof that meditation helped, but it seemed too.

If you have questions you can ask them in the comment section.

A lot of people ask me who was my doctor that gave me the herbs from Peru. That is a bit of a mystery. I met with him only once. He told me how to buy the herbs and what to eat and what not to eat….and literally disappeared. He ended his practice and moved away.

I mention this because I lot of people will not try this herbal approach without getting a doctor’s permission. Nutramedix does not require a prescription for the herbs. If you need a doctor to talk to you might ask Nutramedix if they have a list of doctors that use their product.

There is one doctor that I know of in Upstate New York that uses these herbs but he charges $1,000 per visit.

I find these prices very disturbing. I think it is a sad commentary on our culture that doctors overcharge desperate people…because they can.

Thanks for listening to my story.

If you have Chronic Lyme……I want to let you know that it is possible to fully heal. But to fully heal you have to take responsibility for your own healing and not be overly dependent on others to solve this problem for you.

One day medical science will catch up, but until then…you have to be creative and very self aware.





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